Agnes Couvelas (Official name Agni Kouvela) Architect, NTUA 1966

Αρχιτέκτονας Ε.Μ.Π. 1966

At the age of 26, she founded her own architecture firm operating in a wide area of applications, among those being the Marathon Tumulus Archaeological Park, the In-Situ Archaeological Museum, Naxos, the Museum of Prehistoric Thera rehabilitation, “The House of  the Winds”, Santorini, the Evriali Ecological Park.

Tracing the nature of the architectural approach employed in her works, one could discern a sense of correspondence with the “genius loci”, the spirit of the site. Durability, livability and energy conservation are primary requirements of her work and are incorporated through specific manipulations to environmentally friendly design of her buildings.

She lectures widely on architecture in Greece and abroad. Visiting Professor at the Interuniversity Postgraduate MA Program in Museology, AUTh (203-today).

She introduced the concept of Interlocality to architecture through many articles and book, starting in 2008.

Realized projects feature in The House of the Winds in Santorini, Agnes Couvelas, Shape IKE, 2016, Piazze del Nuovo Millennio, Mario Pisani, Il Formichiere, 2015, Greece, Modern Architectures in History, Alexander Tzonis and Alcestis Rodi, 2013, MEA Awards 2013, curator in the International Sustainable Design Competition, Building Green Review, 2013. Ecomuseums, 1st International Conference, Green Lines Institute, 2012, In Extremis: Landscape into Architecture. Erieta Attali, New York: GSAPP: 69, 2011, Greek Architecture Now, Karin Skousbøll, Studio Art Bookshop, 2006, 1000x European Architecture, brand affairs, 2006, Best of Europe: Color, Intelligente Architektur, 2005, The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary Architecture, Phaidon Press, 2004, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, UNESCO/UNDP/ Editioni Carte Segrete, Paris, 1991.

Antony Kouvelas b. 1973

Bachelor/Master Μηχανολογίας - Λονδίνο, MBA Εθνικό Μετσόβιο Πολυτεχνείο

Specialized in the following types of projects: Electromechanical, bioclimatic and energy saving. Also performs building energy classifications according to current European and Greek legislation. Extensive supervisory and hands-on experience in the building, shipping and automotive industries, under various responsibilities.

Education: 1978–1990 Athens College (Preliminary school, High school), 1991 –1994 University College London (UCL) Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, 1994 – 1995 University College London (UCL) M.Sc. in Marine Engineering (Thesis: Development of a diesel engine simulation program, Ship design of a container vessel), 2003 – 2005 Athens MBA (N.T.U.A. – A.U.E.B).