The House of the Winds on Santorini Island

Study: 1993
Completion: 1997
Location: Island of Santorini

“This house commands a distant view towards the sea-basin of the caldera and the northern part of the island. The north wind here serves as the main design feature, since it determines the articulation of the large openings towards the view. By utilizing aerodynamic principles, the force of the wind is trapped and detracted away from the building.

To accomplish this all exterior walls are quite thick thus transforming the “hut” into a fortified structure, which more over imitates the form of local old fortified buildings by the use of inclined exterior surfaces of the walls.” prof. Dimitris Filippidis (extract from the article titled “Contemporary Aegean Myths”, Catalogue of Greek participation, Venice Biennale).

“….A. Kouvela – Panayotatou’s remarkably sensitive répétition differente in a domestic key, her battered and canted house in Santorini of 1994, in which the interior is as powerful as the exterior.”
(extract from: A Note on Greek Architecture:1938-1997, by Kenneth Frampton. Landscapes of Modernisation, 1997)


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