Piraeus Tower 2010 – Changing the Face – Façades Reformation

Study: 2010
Location: Athens

Architectural competition

B’ mention
Design team: Manolis Iliakis, Maria Remoundou
Advisor: Agnes Couvelas
Graphic design: Em-Kei

The façade remodeling of the tower is an interactive and sustainable design of a new “skin” that merges together the construction, the sea and the urban landscape of Piraeus. Vertical mechanically rotating glass shades cover the body of the tower. Their variation in dimension, pace, transparency and colour creates an undulating surface that adapts to the weather conditions. The colours are set to match the artificial and natural surroundings. Where the sea view dominates the background, the cool colours dominate, while some contrasting splashes stand out like ships in the water. Accordingly, the colour tones with the addition of some green and blue “reflections” become gray and beige to match the monochromatic building landscape of Piraeus. The level of transparency on the glass blinds depends on the orientation of each elevation. The blinds enable natural ventilation, regulate dayligh and protect the tower from excessive sunlight. The panels create channels of fresh air inflow in the summer and block the wind in the winter, thus providing both natural and controlled ventilation and coolness.


Sun & Shadow, 29/2010 (in greek)

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